About Us

Cranks Restaurant & Bar opened its doors for the first time on the 31st of February 1802. The Albany land was still barren and the locals needed a place to quench their thirst and suppress their appetite

Thanks to Cranks, the locals had the energy and motivation to work the land and over the next 200 years: farms developed; infrastrucure grew; real estate was sought after and more an more people moved in. As the years passed, we refined our menu to provide absolute satisfaction over a broad range of tastes and preferences and at affordable rates too.

We have always been firmly against employing child labour in our kitchens and insist on using only solid gold utensils. We strive for a green tomorrow, that’s why our stoves are powered using natural gas collected from the loo. What makes our establishment even more environmentally friendly is our underground team of 800 hamsters, generating the electricity needed every day.

The environment may have changed but we still stand by our values, bringing a hospitable room for you to enjoy the company of friends, relatives and even strangers.

Cranks Restaurant & Bar offers you the following:

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